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Acoustic booths


Akustiskā kabīne

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Sound isolation

Our office pod is not only comfortable and soundproof but also provides you with everything needed for your job or creative project from good air quality, natural light and privacy – all while giving priority to people over things! 


Unbeatable quality

Our coworking pods are built with aerospace-grade aluminum and double-layer laminated glass, similar to that used in subway train compartments. These premium materials guarantee long-lasting and reliable workspaces for your needs.


Sustainable design

We prioritize sustainable design in our office pods. Our aluminum frames and wall panels are recyclable and reusable, with a low carbon footprint. We also use materials with 0 formaldehyde to ensure a healthy indoor environment.

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Akustiskā kabīne


people have trouble concentrating in an open office.

(University of Sydney study)

You spend


minutes to focus after distraction.

(University of California study)

Are affected at least


from work efficiency in an open office environment.

(BBC Capital research)

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